Helping Students Take Responsibility for Learning


A Student’s attitude may be the difference between real learning and tasks. This Place offers great tips for student responsibility and a list of inspiring movies that highlight the truths of learning.

Is it any secret to ignite a fire that could give students more responsibility for their teachings? Would it be as easy as equip them with a few simple tools and new approaches?

This training parade we talk about students ‘ participation in active teaching techniques. If we went one step further and if students see themselves as architects (composers, writers, strategies, engineers, or designers – metaphors small) their teachings? Research shows that study-oriented students “engage in more attentive behavior, use deeper education and learning strategies, and feel better than pupils “. Their goal is to learn not only to trade with the performance of the brand (Lyn Corno, “To support the students ‘ responsibility for studying and Performance “, “Main School Diary, Vol. 93, No. 1). ”

Where do I start studying studies? One Way is to create a profound focus on learning.

You May wonder how you can teach the skills needed to develop pupils who are responsible for their teachings. Fortunately, there is no need for a new curriculum – it is much simpler. Just find a way to tell students that they can and should not be active in education. Create a learning-oriented approach. Release the area of responsibility and (mix metaphations), let someone listen to your ears. Assemble the pupils in the right direction and See what happens.

The Result is students who know how to learn and do their best to study and then use the methods and resources they have not yet weighed. For example, Students should know

Ask and find answers to your questions anytime, anywhere.
Get Good teaching skills to suit their learning style, such as how to read a textbook, take notes, practice and search again.

  • Find and evaluate materials for additional research materials.
  • Use the clock in the professor’s office.
  • Find and collaborate with other students.
  • Find experts who want to separate them.
  • Manage your time Effectively.
  • Overcome inertia (laziness).

Maybe I’ll try. Our Rich media culture is rich in films not only for entertainment but also for some pedagogical practices that help students have their pupils. The Purpose is to use the concept of the film does not accept, display or discuss subtitles. Here we are.

Unofficial, unauthorized, unfinished list of films proving ways of accountability for learning!

A Beautiful Mind Method

Nobel laureate John Nash found that combating brain disease disorders will overcome schizophrenia,

  • Take care of his teachings.
  • Learn New learning skills.
  • Find out how to succeed.
  • Learn what to ignore.
  • These are valuable skills for all.
  • Apollo Method 13

When the explosion announced their module, the crew of Apollo 13 said these famous words: “Houston, we have a problem. “The crew of the country has gone to work and the crew has safely brought them home. We will Learn from this

Failure is not An option. When learning is wrong, Teach students to create solutions.

Capture me If the method can be

When Frank Abingale, Jr., after the separation of parents learns successfully to cope with the pilot carrier, doctor and lawyer (even in the tests on the panel). This process, he makes millions before he catches them and finally starts a real career with the FBI.

What can be achieved in the position and need of a person is not limited, so students have the opportunity to become an expert on this topic. To prove their experience, they could write a document or article, create a presentation, discuss a class, or teach in a classroom. Keep your motives small and sensitive so that you can develop your experience. The Goal is for students to know something that is intellectually expanding. It works very well In the main courses.

Country Method

Fictional Meteorometer Phil Connors survived again and again 2. February, when they learn to truly love and serve their societies.

So Why don’t you learn for the first time (lessons, course material, anything)? Teach students that although most courses and some exams can be retaken, relying on unnecessary repetition is a waste of resources. The Pain that fails also remains much longer than the pain in what is needed to succeed.

Joseph Smith, Prophet of recovery methods

A Small farmer seeks the spirit to seek the religious truth and eventually restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the final issue. This process we are taught and teaching several wonderful teaching principles, such as

  • Learn by studying and also through faith.
  • Find information on the best books.
  • Find a worthy teacher.
  • Pray.
  • The Lorenz Oil method

When Lorenzo is diagnosed with a very rare degenerative brain disease, his parents, frustrated by the failure of doctors and medical science, are educated about this disease. In this process, they develop a treatment that dramatically slows down his progress.

Pupils need to know that they should never abandon their efforts to solve an important problem. They can learn to pre-run experts.

Mary Poppins Method

When Magic Nanny learns of the family of British bankers how to enjoy life, we learn that a teaspoon of sugar will help in that the drugs go down.

HELP students find sugar (fun and enjoyment) from learning activities.

National Treasure Method

Ben Gates taught young grandson that fathers were buried in a treasure somewhere in the country and left traces on the spot. When a young man grows up after years of studying, he finds and decodes very mysterious traces that lead to a remarkable discovery.

We all need to realize that knowledge is power and that the development of an excellent problem-solving (such as cryptographical digging) leads to the ‘ hidden treasures ‘.

The pursuit of a way of happiness

When He is down, desperate and abandoned by his wife Chris Gardner, he calls for a six-week free practice where only 1 20 is likely to succeed. He and his sons are struggling with homelessness and despair with the search, which ultimately makes Gardner a valuable millionaire. Do We have lessons?

  • Know what you want.
  • Work eagerly.
  • Victim.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Either as a formula.
  • Connect with others.
  • A Group of values.